I spent the better part of 20 years living and studying in Germany. I pursued my post-secondary education in Rimouski, Quebec where I attended college, and I completed my BA (Hon.) at Mercy College in New York, USA. Over my career, I worked as an executive and business consultant in many countries, including Switzerland, The Bahamas, Brazil, The British Virgin Islands, Canada, The United States, and Germany. My executive level scope of experience encompasses project funding, the Prepaid Financial Card industry, software development, and the launch of technology start-ups.

As the COO of HumanBios GmbH in San Paolo, Brazil, I oversaw teams of software developers in several countries as they created new digital wallet technology. In addition, as the CEO of Standard Transactions Worldwide in The British Virgin Islands, I provided new strategic leadership as this global organization built brand as one of the first debit card providers to operate in the digital currency arena. I’ve also worked with MasterCard Miami on a gold-backed prepaid card and with RSA on developing security systems for online banking. I was also the entrepreneur responsible for creating one of Canada’s first online shopping malls, a venture that was ultimately acquired by a publicly listed firm.

Currently, I reside in Tilbury, Ontario, Canada, and I’m a frequent Presenter at the United States Clearing House, which clears over 2 trillion US dollars per day. In this role, I advise top managers at US banks about the opportunities to be found in the prepaid industry. I also work as a mortgage agent who specializes in commercial funding and I’ve helped numerous local businesses secure the capital needed for expansion and development. I am a seasoned business consultant who has worked with clients in England, The United Arab Emirates, and Spain. As a business consultant, my primary focus is on operations and development.