What is EBITDA, and how do you calculate it?

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The accounting technique EBITDA — earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization — is an important standard measure of profitability. What makes EBITDA valuable is that unlike standard net income calculations that use a simple formula of revenue minus expenses, EBITDA factors in other expenses, like taxes and interest. EBITDA …

Commercial Loans – Asset versus repayment – DSCR

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The first thing that a lender considers is repayment, not asset. The lender needs to know that you can service the debt and in order to know that, they use what’s known as a DSCR or Debt Service Coverage Ratio. The debt service coverage ratio is one of the least …

New Website Launched!

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I am proud to announce the launch of my brand new website, designed and developed by the staff at Abstract Marketing, 216 King St. W in Chatham-Kent. I also encourage feedback, please feel free to leave a message via my contact page. Thank you!